Benefits for entrepreneurs

Your benefits as a European Entrepreneur:

  • Receive mentoring and guidance in a successful SME or top incubator in Brazil
  • Work alongside and learn from an experienced host entrepreneur
  • Strengthen your sector-specific skills, develop self-confidence and improve your language skills
  • Find new business partners, access new markets and speed-up the growth of your business internationally
  • Receive financial assistance to partly cover the costs of the stay
  • Accelerate the successful development of your enterprise

Benefits for Brazilian Host Entrepreneurs:*

  • Work and interact with a motivated and talented European entrepreneur, who may give a contribution to the business with new ideas and complementary skills
  • Learn about external markets and expand business opportunities, benefiting from a fresh look at the business
  • Act as a mentor and share experience and information on the challenges of developing a business in Brazil and provide support to overcome them
  • Expand the network and enhance the business international activity and innovation potential
  • Participate in international activities and be part of a rewarding exchange of experience between Brazil and Europe

Benefits for both sides:

CONNECT promotes the creation of win-win collaborations between new entrepreneurs and host entrepreneurs. As a participant, you will grow and learn from this exchange experience, and your business ideas will be complemented by the specialized skills and knowledge of your counterpart. CONNECT brings you the opportunity to explore new markets and different ways of doing business, and eventually to establish long-term fruitful partnerships across the Atlantic!

* Click here if you are a potential host entrepreneur in Brazil.