What is CONNECT?

CONNECT promotes the exchange of new entrepreneurs between the Federative Republic of Brazil and Europe. It aims to support promising entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow and develop their international outlook and competitiveness, promoting an exchange of experience between Brazil and CIP participating countries and enhancing entrepreneurship overall.


CONNECT will select 50 highly motivated European new entrepreneurs to enroll in a business mobility scheme in Brazil. It will offer them the unique opportunity to collaborate and exchange knowledge with an experienced and successful host entrepreneur in Brazil, from a period of 1 to 6 months. The stay will be partly financed by the European Commission.

CONNECT is financed by the European Commission and operates across CIP Participating Countries and the Federative Republic of Brazil. The activities are coordinated at European level by EBN - European Business and Innovation Centre Network.

Deadline for applying to the first wave of the programme was 15 July 2014.
We are now in the process of evaluating, selecting and matching candidates with the most suitable host entrepreneur in Brazil.
All first wave candidates will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by 8 August 2014.
Another competition will be launched later in the year. Stay tuned!