Responsibilities & activities


The responsibilities expected from you as a CONNECT participant include:

  • Sign a written agreement between you and your host entrepreneur in Brazil;
  • Sign an agreement with EBN – the organization managing the CONNECT exchange programme;
  • Fill in an online evaluation form after your stay in Brazil;
  • Be willing to travel and stay in Brazil for the duration agreed and contribute to a successful collaboration with your host entrepreneur.

Check financial support & contractual aspects for detailed information!


The stay in Brazil should be as beneficial and profitable as possible for you and your business! The activities to be carried out during your stay will be agreed between you and your host entrepreneur and may focus on several aspects, including the following:

You will be expected to shadow and work alongside your host entrepreneur, not only to understand the business and learn from his/her experience, but also to share your own ideas and participate in projects within the company. Likewise, you will have the chance to improve your business plan and ideas, as well as explore a new market and develop concrete new opportunities for your own startup.

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