Financial support & contractual aspects

Up to 1750€ per entrepreneur! Read below.

Your stay in Brazil will be partially funded by the European Commission. The purpose of the financial assistance is to partly cover your costs of lodging, subsistence and travel incurred during the exchange, which means you are expected to complement the programme funds as needed to cover these costs. The grant to be provided includes a lump sum of 1.000€ for the flight and 250€ monthly allowance.

Please note that for third wave candidates, the minimum duration of the stay abroad is 1 month and the maximum duration is 3 months. No visa required for stays up to 90 days in Brazil for EU citizens.

Entrepreneurs will have to comply with the administrative and contracting procedures and rules defined in the CONNECT Guide; including the following elements:

  1. Written agreement between you and your host entrepreneur in Brazil. This contract aims to ensure the smooth working relationship between both parties and will detail the dates, objectives and plan of activities of the stay.
  2. Written agreement between you and EBN – the organization managing the CONNECT exchange programme. This common agreement will specify the plan of activities and duration of the stay, responsibilities, financial conditions, etc. The grant will be provided according to the terms set out in this agreement.

EBN will ensure that your exchange programme runs as smoothly as planned.