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New To Investing – Here Are A Few Tips

Building wealth requires consistency, commitment and smart decisions in order to increase your money and assets. To grow wealth, over half of the households in the United States invest in financial markets, such as the stock and forex market, according to a study by Pew Research Center. When it comes to investing in the stock market, only 14% of households in the US directly make an investment in individual stocks whereas 52% take part of the action via their retirement accounts.

Investing Tips For Starters

Indeed, there is no doubt that investing could help in maximizing the quantity of money you could earn. As a result, you could multiply your wealth as well as have a better chance of having financial security, especially when you reach your retirement years. If you haven’t started investing yet, there are some things that you have to know first to make certain you do it right.

For beginners, the world of investments can be a daunting place. As a matter of fact, even those who have experience can at times be perplexed. To help you with your investments and make educated choices, here are a few tips:

Choose A Reliable Broker

For you to gain access in different markets, like the forex, stock, and cryptocurrency markets, you will need to work with a reliable broker as their trading platform makes it possible for you to invest and trade in these markets. There are a number of brokers or brokerage firms that provide good services and simple-to-use trading platform. If you don’t know where to begin, check out ROinvesting, an online brokerage firm that caters to both beginner and professional traders. Check out by AskTraders to learn more.

Establish Investment Goals

Before you start choosing a broker, make certain you have established your investment goals. While your ultimate goal is to earn money, your needs and resources are different from the others. There are several factors to consider, such as capital appreciation, income, as well as the safety of your capital. Apart from this, you also have to take into consideration your own circumstances, age, and financial status.

Make an Investment Early

The sooner you make investments, the less resources you will be requiring every year in order to realize your investing goals. Your earnings compound over the course of time, so there isn’t any reason for you to have that fear of starting to invest.

Check Your Finances

You will need to take a good look at your finances before you can start investing to determine if you do have the resources to make an investment. Consider your regular monthly expenses. Make certain you have enough for everything that you need. While you don’t need to have a large sum of money to begin investing, there are certain risks involved.

Learn About Making Investments and Stay Informed

It is imperative that you know the basics of investing, including terminologies. Studying and staying informed of the things you have made investments in is also important. This way, you will be able to make better coherent investment decisions.

What is Finance?

Finance is as ancient as life on earth. The word came from a French language which was later on adopted by English speaking communities in the 18th century. It has emerged into an important academic discipline due to its implications in different businesses around the world. Finance is a broad term which defines two related activities, how money is managed and how needed funds are acquired?

What are the types of finance?

Illustration of financial concept

Modern finance is distinguished into tow broad types:

  1. Public Finance. This deals with the income and expenditures of the Government or a State. It’s that part of finance that talks about the presentation and allocation of resources. Main components of Public Finance:
  • Public Expenditure
  • Public Revenue
  • Public Debt
  • Budgeting
  1. Private Finance. This is divided into two sub-finances.
  • Personal Finance. This deals with the financial management of an individual or family unit which performs to manage, save and spend monetary resources overtime taking into account various risk and future life events. It deals with the optimization of finances of an individual, single consumer, family finances, personal savings, and many more.
  • Business Finance. It encompasses a wide range of activities and disciplines revolving around the management of money and assets around the business to achieve its fullest capacity. It tries to optimize the goals, profits and sales of the business.

Difference between private and public finance.

  1. Private:
  • Individual
  • Expenses are adjusted according to income
  • Future savings
  • External loans only
  • Limited finance
  • Cannot print currency notes
  1. Public:
  • Government or State
  • Income is adjusted according to expenses
  • No Future Savings
  • External and Internal loans
  • Flexible finance
  • Can print currency notes

NC Gov. Eases Restrictions; All Businesses Allowed to Reopen

Since the rate of daily coronavirus infection cases in North Carolina has been going down for weeks now, NC Gov. Roy Cooper has eased down some restrictions. The governor is quite confident with his decision to move the state forward under eased restrictions since vaccine distribution has also made progress. Yet the Governor Cooper wants North Carolinians to go about doing everything safely, by keeping the state’s mandate of requiring everyone to wear protective mask while in public places.

While all businesses are allowed to reopen, the governor’s Executive Order No. 204 still prescribes safe distancing of at least 6 feet between staff and customers. Other safety protocols must be observed, including adhering to occupancy restrictions.

Retail and personal care businesses, museums and aquariums are permitted to operate at 100% capacity. Indoor amusement parks, restaurants, gyms and pools can operate at 75% capacity, while only those in outdoor settings are allowed to operate at 100% capacity. Bars, pubs, nightclubs, moviehouses and sports venues can operate with limited capacity; generally at less than 50% for indoor areas but up to 100% in outdoor locations.

Although the trend of the Old North State’s COVID-19 statistics shows a decline, significant spread in some communities is still occurring, particularly among the younger age groups. Nonetheless, at least 31.7% of above 18-years old North Carolinians have been administered with at least one dose, while the vaccination drive continues to make progress.

North Carolina’s Safety Measures for Out-of-State Visitors

Out-of-state visitors whether travelling to North Carolina for a business trip or leisure, are advised to first check with the local government of the NC community to where they are going. As some areas still have high levels of coronavirus spread, travellers should find out first if there are additional restrictions in place.

Moreover, out-of-state visitors are advised to download the Slow Covid NC app, so they can receive notification in case they may have been inadvertently exposed to a detected case of infection. The state gives assurance that the app does not require users to provide personally identifiable information.

Another recommended resource for up-to-date information about traffic and road conditions as well as about North Carolina’s driving and safety laws, is the state’s website. As it is, there are certain guidelines that must be observed, particularly in connection with motor vehicle insurance laws.

The state and local police authorities are quite strict in enforcing general safety guidelines that must be observed by motorists when driving in North Carolina’s roads. Primarily because most of the Old North State’s rural roads are regarded perilous, NC’s auto insurance requirements include carrying a non-owners insurance coverage when driving a rented or borrowed car.

Actually, the state’s insurance laws do not acknowledge out-of-state liability insurance coverage as acceptable. That being the case, visitors looking to travel by way of a private vehicle will have to take a rental car or borrow one that is registered with the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to have proper minimum liability insurance coverage.

Purchasing a non-owners insurance policy can be done online, to which we recommend, where visitors can purchase the cheapest non-owners insurance policy in NC.

The Role of Finance in Business Activities

Here are important terms:

Finance is a science that describe the management, creation and study of money, banking, credit, investments, assets and liabilities. It manages revenues and conducts the transaction of money matters.

Finance is concerned with the following:

  1. Raising Money (Financing)
  2. Investing Money

Financing is the act of providing funds for business activities, making purchases or investing. Financial institutions and banks are in the business of financing as they provide capital to businesses, consumers and investors to help them achieve their goals.

Sources of finance:

Internal Source. Money raised from the business’s own assets or from profits left in the business.

External Source. Money raised from sources outside the business.

Other Sources of obtaining funds for business:

  • Financing from suppliers
  • Leasing

The Core Values in Managing Business Finances

The foundation for a business to be financially healthy is Skill, Commitment, Education and Organization. When you have the knowledge to correctly manage your finances your business is sure to be successful. Managing a business’ finances includes maintaining and managing your financial books, planning ahead, having knowledge in basic accounting, managing debts and credits, understanding other sources or options to gain finances. A business is also successful because of the skills one put to the business. This would include the skill you put in your products and services. Another element is the commitment you put in your business. When you love and are committed to your business you are sure to avoid any bad habits that can harm your business.

How to manage your finances for small businesses!

How banks sustain the economy

Banks are so-called financial intermediaries. They form the interface between investors and businesses. They collect the deposits of the capital providers and issue money in the form of loans to borrowers. Investors include, for example, private households who invest part of their money in the bank for profit, but also companies or the state. Likewise, all economic operators can also act as borrowers. Companies need money to make investments, private individuals take out loans, for example, if they want to buy a house or apartment or are planning a major purchase, and the state also acts as a borrower.

Aside from investing in banks, private households can also check the best cryptocurrency mixer for their crypto investment.


The economic and monetary cycle

Banks are therefore important actors in the economic cycle alongside private households, companies and the state. By maintaining the flow of money as an intermediary between the interest groups, they ensure that the economic cycle remains in motion.


The course of the financial market crisis

Some banks got into trouble due to risky business, which aroused suspicion among market participants. The climax was the bankruptcy of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers in September 2008. Against the background of the increased mistrust of financial actors among themselves, lending between banks was severely restricted worldwide. The global supply of capital came to a standstill, which led to a sharp decline in production, especially in the industrialized nations.

Political intervention and the provision of massive financial resources made it possible to stabilize the financial markets and the economy as a whole. In Germany, credit institutions with a low-risk business model far removed from speculative business, such as cooperative banks and savings banks, stabilized the domestic banking market. Since 2010, the world has been in the process of incorporating the lessons learned from the financial market crisis into the international regulation of banks, for example, in order to avoid such distortions in the future.

Stability and banking supervision

Using the example of the recent financial market turbulence, the importance of the financial system for our economy can be seen. If the conditions on the financial markets worsen, this has negative effects on the regular flow of central economic processes. A stable banking system, therefore, plays a key role in a country’s economy. Credit institutions and financial services companies are therefore subject to particularly comprehensive controls and supervision.

How Important is a Business Plan

Starting a business is not an easy job. It requires your full attention. Having a business can be an exciting and invigorating experience. Every business needs a business plan. This will serve as a guide for the business. It contains several guidelines that can help the business in many ways. The goal of every business is to let their product and services to its the public. In a business plan this may also contain ways on how to procure finances to start a business and to promote its growth.

Having a good business plan can also attract potential investors. Investors will be very interested in investing in your business, especially if they see its potential in the market. These individuals will easily invest and finance in a business if there is a good business plan. 




Here are some categories that investors look for in a business plan:

  • Description of the business or company
  • Market Analysis
  • Organizational and Managerial Chart
  • Product line and Services
  • Marketing strategies to promote sales and services

Steering Your Business Finances

Handling a small business is not easy. We have to follow certain steps in steering your finances to make it very successful. Here are some steps to follow to guarantee that your small business do well.

Money Management For Small Businesses

  1. It is advisable to have a separate bank account for your small business. Do not mix your personal money/finances with the money you earn from your business.
  2. Learn to organize the money you earn from business by using simple accounting and book-keeping. You can avail of simple accounting software in the net. They are easy to learn and will benefit your business.
  3. Before stating a business, settle and pay all business tax responsibilities to make your business run legally.
  4. When looking to avail of loans to finance your small business look into a variety of options. First and foremost study your business credit options. This will come in handy for future financing.
  5. Take time to learn and educate yourself and be a financial expert. As a business owner lets be competitive by being literally educated and to know all the basics related to managing your finances in your small business.


Homeowners Insurance Quote – Factors To Consider When Making Comparisons

When buying a new home, getting a homeowners insurance policy is a major part of it. Your home, after all, will be one of the greatest valuable assets you’ll ever have possession of, and a homeowners insurance will provide protection to that asset.

Many, however, are overwhelmed with the task of trying to comprehend a homeowners insurance quote with all the policy options, documents, as well as fine print. Purchasing a new home could be nerve-racking enough, and dealing with the perplexity of comparing homeowners insurance providers and their rates should be the least of your worries.

Homeowners Insurance Quote

As there are many insurance providers marketing their coverage options as well as their most affordable rates, you begin to wonder which provider and policy option would best match your needs as well as your budget. While information about the policies and rates of a homeowners insurance are available online, it would be uncertain that you will be choosing the right one if you don’t know how or what compare, let alone where to begin.

Comparing homeowners insurance quote is vital and essential when shopping around to ensure you pick the right one. When measuring up policies, you have to make certain that characteristics they have are similar for you to make a precise comparison. With that, here are a few critical factors bear in mind:


The deductible is the amount you’ll need to shell out from your own wallet if you make a claim. Typically, there are various deductible levels to select from in any policy given. It is then important to ensure that you choose similar amount of deductible for every quote you request so as to make a just comparison.


To at least match the amounts of home loan, majority of mortgage lenders necessitate that homeowners have adequate coverage, however you need to make certain that what you buy is sufficient in order for the expense of rebuilding your home due to a disaster to be covered. In fact, a lot of experts suggest that this might even be greater than the amount of your mortgage, as it must mirror the present cost of construction.


When purchasing a homeowners insurance, you have to find out if the insurer has the capability to immediately pay out the claim you make in order for you to get underway the rebuilding or repair of your home in the event it is ruined by a disaster covered in your policy. Hence, looking into the provider’s financial strength is quite imperative.


Determine the claims that homeowners in your area commonly file as this is one factor that homeowners insurance providers take into consideration when they set their premiums. This is so since it presents them a good picture of the kinds of problems or issues that your home is to likely encounter. Furthermore, you will also know what other types of coverage you need to include in your policy.


Customer service is another factor to bear in mind when making comparisons. When you make a claim, these are the people you will be interacting with. If your experience with a provider was bad when collecting quotes, if they didn’t consider or disregarded your unique needs, perhaps they were unreachable most of the time, it is likely you will encounter and receive an unsatisfactory service when you make a claim.

Norway Oil Strike Ends with Favorable Results for Oilfield Workers

The Norway oil workers’ strike that begun last Sept. 30, finally ended, as the NOG Association and the Laderne workers’s union reached an agreement on Oct. 09. It was imperative that a compromise be reached since the month-long stand-off would have resulted in a reduction of the country’s oil production by at least 25% or an equivalent loss of 966 000 barrels of daily oil production.

Both the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOG) negotiator Jan Hodneland and Audun Ingvartsen, Laverne’s trade union chief, have issued statements confirming that the oil workers strike has ended. Otherwise, if the strike continued, the negotiations would have ended on October 14, the date that field operator Equinor had set in shutting down oilfield operations. The shutdown would have included other oil fields operated by Wintershall Dea Norge and ConocoPhillips.

Equinor explained that they would be forced to cease operations in light of the scheduled personnel rotation. Mainly because oil production would have been affected by the workers’ strike due to lack of sufficient and competent key operational functions.

The Agreement Reached by the NOG and Laverne

The Norwegian oil workers through their union Laverne called for wage increases, as well as for longer and more comprehensive employment agreements. Although Norway’s oil workers are the highest paid in all of Europe, they are receiving much less than their Australian and North American counterparts.

However, due to the decline in demand for oil and gas at the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, oil companies like Equinor have been looking into ways with which they can reduce costs in remotely controlling production at offshore fields.

While at first, the oil companies refused to give in to the workers’ demands, NOG stepped in, being the official government negotiator for wage deals in behalf of the oil industry. While initial talks failed, the escalation of the workers’ strike which started with 43 union members saw an additional 169 workers joining the strike. It became necessary for the oil companies to continue with the negotiations to avoid the shutdown of oilfields and their oil production activities.

Under the agreement, the oil workers wages will increase, in accordance with what other industry workers earn.

Moreover, as part of offshore workers’ wage agreement, Equinor and Aker BP committed to include provisions for land-based staff at their respective onshore control rooms.

The Laverne workers union was able to negotiate a key demand, which called for broader, longer commitment from oil firms that will be signed on April 1, 2021.

The oil strike finally settled, workers have since gone back to their jobs at the oilfields with greater motivation in carrying out their functions. Perhaps it helps that in Norway, citizens who are gainfully employed have access to lån på dagen uten kredittsjekk ( same day loans without credit check) for any purpose in case the need for an emergency fund arises.

It’s Never too Late to Start a Business

Too Late To Start? Life Crisis and Late Bloomers - InfographicYouth is a time for exploration and adventure. More often than not, we spend these times either trying to build a career or discovering our passion. It is said that youth is wasted on the young. If you find yourself sitting on an idea that you think could be the next best thing later in life, worry not, for it’s never too late to start a business.

There are a lot of benefits that come along when starting later in life: these include but are not limited to a greater knowledge and wisdom in various subjects and aspects, as well as respect and commitment that stems from the fact that you’ve experienced failure and getting back up.

No matter where or what you do in life, you are always welcome to start. Just keep moving forward.

All Businesses Should Have a Good Financial Standing

It is for a fact that most businesses survive on the money it earns. A good business has to have a good financial standing. Any business should have the ability to manage their finances properly. It allows them to be more accurate with all their financial reports. The reports will reflect gains and losses. With good financial management, business funds will be strictly monitored. All cash flows are correctly used thus making a business prosper and flourish.

Money Management For Small Businesses

As this happens a business is likely able to step up. Since your business has the needed money newer opportunities are likely to follow.

What Small Business Owners should not Fail to Do?

Even in today’s economic situation, you will be surprised to see countless individuals who are taking advantage of to invest in stocks. Not to mention, the continuous increase in the opening of small businesses. The sad thing is, not all those who are opening a small business succeeds.

No one wants this to happen because opening a business requires large sum of money. To be able to avoid this from happening, it is essential to be mindful of the following tips:

Don’t make Unnecessary Purchase

When you are setting up your business, you will definitely be tempted to buy or invest in the best that the world has to give like getting fancy pieces of furniture, a comfortable office space, hiring the most qualified and experienced employees and everything in between which can cost you tons of money upfront.

As much as possible, fight the urge to do so in using your financial backing or business loan only to make those unnecessary purchases, more so if it is a personal one.

The best thing that you should rather do is to spend your funds on things that are completely crucial for your business to survive and run. As much as possible, be lean with your personal and business life until such time that your business has given you enough room to move.

Take Advantage of Business Insurance

It is imperative to make sure that your company is protected and insured. Thus, being able to have the right insurance for your business can cross off financial risks from any unforeseen situations. The sad part here is, a lot of small business owners are making the decision of cancelling their policy before getting a new one in place or not getting a policy that suits the primary needs of their business.

When buying insurance policies, it is smart to take the time to read the terms and conditions to know what you are actually getting from it.

Accounts should be Separate

The moment that you have set up your business, you need to create a separate bank account for it. You want to apply for business credit card to monitor the expenses that it makes.

On the other hand, it is vital as well to never mix your personal funds or accounts with your business transactions or vice versa. Not being able to do so will result to serious problems in your cash flow which complicate the balancing accounts, tax filing and measuring profits.

What Is Financial Freedom And How To Reach It?

Never have to work again. Afford all the things you have wanted for a long time. Just pack your bags and travel for a long time. All of these things promise financial freedom. But when exactly are you financially free and how much money do you need?

What Is Financial Freedom?

First of all, it is important to know the difference between active and passive income:

Active income means that you can only get money if you have actively done something. So your 40-hour job is active cash flow. If you decide not to go to work from tomorrow, your salary will not be paid. Nowadays this is called the hamster wheel: you go to work so that you can buy nice things or do something. But you need money again and have to go to work again. So you’re a hamster, caught in the wheel of consumption and capitalism.

You can generate passive income through investments. When you buy stocks, you get dividends. If you are a proud property owner, you will receive rental income if you do not live in the property yourself. If you have a blog or online business, you may get revenue from affiliate links. This means that you have done something once and get regular money for it without being active again.

You can usually only get financial freedom through passive income. Except, of course, you inherit a few million. Because even with a well-paid job, it is difficult to save money simply by saving money, because financial inflation shrinks the real value of money especially if you took out a loan and pay it with another loan.

Interested in title loans? Check out

How do you achieve financial freedom?

According to Bodo Schäfer, you can make the first million in just 7 years. Sounds tempting and I wonder why not more people do that. Since I do not read any books by Bodo Schäfer, I would rather quote the financial expert Gerd Kommer who refers to this book:

“Anyone who initially invests 100,000 euros needs an average return of 39% p. a. (after taxes and costs) to reach one million in seven years. Apart from the fact that such a return has only been observed at Alice in Wonderland for seven consecutive years, the question arises as to where the initial 100,000 euros should come from. If you start with less, the return has to be even higher. ”

To achieve financial freedom, you should start saving and investing as early as possible. Even if it is initially only small amounts that you invest in stocks or ETFs.

Financial freedom is not impossible, but it can be achieved in a few years.

How much money do you need for your financial freedom?

There are many great math examples that tell you how much money you need for financial freedom. The problem is that nobody can tell you how much money really needs to be. If you get along well with 1,500 euros a month today, it does not mean that you will do so in 10 years. The inflation rate lowers the monetary value, consumer goods become more expensive and your demands increase.

How much money you will need later depends on you personally and the economic development that no one can predict these days.

Financial freedom is a worthwhile goal. But it is also a state that contains a large number of variables and harbors different, individual hurdles for everyone. There is no universal recipe for this. And even if you cannot get financial freedom straight away, it is worth investing money in retirement provision. Because then you have the freedom and should also have the financial cushion to fully enjoy this freedom.

Singapore Extends Support to Startup Fintechs via $6 Million Grant

The government of Singapore continues to demonstrate support for innovative financial companies, by approving the $6 million Fin Tech Solidarity Grant.

Results of a recent survey conducted by the Singapore FinTech Association revealed that about half of the survey’s total respondents are startup companies adversely impacted by the economic regression spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the grant, fintech companies that have been significantly affected by the fallout, can seek additional funding to use for their daily business expenses, including the payroll of undergraduate interns under their employ.

Actually, there are about 490 fintechs operating in Singapore that receive encouragement in becoming an integral part of the country’s financial industry. The Fin Tech Solidarity Grant launched by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) last May 13, 2020 is only supplementary to the much larger $125 million fintech support package released by the government last April, 2020.

Overview of the Fin Tech Solidarity Grant

Setup and funded by the MAS and the AMTD Group, whic is an investment banking firm that supports fintechs in Singapore, the $6 million additional grant is open to eligible companies that will submit their application between May 18 to December 31, 2021.

There are two types of financial assistance available:

Business Sustenance Grant – furnishes up to $20,000 that startups can utilize as payment for salaries, rent, utilities and other short-term overhead expenditures.

Business Growth Grant – hands out as much as $40,000 to startup fintech firms that can show proof of concept through a demonstration of a workable financial service plan via the API Exchange platform. The API Exchange platform helps fintechs connect and collaborate with each other on design experiments.

Some Examples of Technology-Supported Financial Services Provided by Fintechs


There are different types of innovative financial services being provided by well-established fintech firms comprising this specific  sector of Singapore’s financial industry. Some examples include but are not limited to the following :

1. Peer-to-Business Lending between accredited Small to Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and institutional lenders.

2. Blockchain-supported cross-border money transfers.primarily focused on servicing tourists, migrant workers, expats, regular travelers, international students and the so-called digital nomads, while visiting or residing in Southeast Asia.

3. Mobile-based social trading platform that allows stock brokerage firms in Singapore to communicate in real-time with other stock traders across the globe, in a transparent setting.

4. AI that presents models in helping individuals in Asia, Middle East and Europe make better financial decisions when developing lifestyle plans for the future.

5. Mobile money-transfer application that enables Filipino workers and migrants in Singapore and Hong Kong to quickly and economically transmit money to the Philippines; as an alternative to sending via traditional money shops and banks.

6. There are also fintechs that use data-driven technology when operating as licensed money lenders Singapore citizens turn to for emergency loans.

SG City Loan does not represent any fintech or lender, but can direct individuals looking to quickly obtain low-interest personal loans to the nearest licensed money lenders in their location.

How Businesses can Standstill during Covid-19 Pandemic?

For any business, especially in these times of pandemic, having enough cash is just about everything. There are actually 7 places where to acquire cash to continuously supply the needs of your business and these include:

  1. Price
  2. Volume
  3. Overhead
  4. Accounts receivable
  5. Inventory
  6. Accounts payable and;
  7. Cost of goods sold or COGS

It is imperative to have a plan for everything, given that the current funding availability and revenue is quite difficult to maintain. Without having a clear path, it is hard to stay afloat in the business.

The need of the Hour

Right now, revenue is more on how you can generate leads and keep clients to do business with you. In an effort to do both, the company needs CRM or customer relationship management platform. If you do not have one yet, then it may be great to set up even a cheap one and load it with all customer information. Not being able to see the pipeline of your clients likely makes you to operate blindly. Keep this in mind, pipeline is what driving every business. It is similar to mt4 indicators and other tools in trading, this is what helping traders to see whether they should sell or buy.

After setting up the CRM, the very first thing to think is how your customers are doing. It is critical to show empathy to them and you don’t know how long can it go. You should help them with a product or service that they essentially need, no matter if it will make you breakeven or generate profits. Your support during these difficult times goes a long way in building loyal customers in the future.

Engaging clients using thoughtful ideas, proactive support and knowledge sharing develops a long-lasting and strong relationship.

Can You Keep up with the Pace?

Another aspect of your pipeline will be growth. Do you think you could increase your customer’s life-time value or LTV? This means to say that, how long could you increase how much they are spending in your business over a certain period of time and if you could generate new leads for your business. There are wide range of marketing channels that are costing money and there are many that don’t. You may use the time in optimizing your owned media similar to newsletter, social media, blogs or start new content similar to channels like podcasts and webinars. You could pay ads via social media and Google but concentrate more on customer acquisition whenever possible.

CARES PUA : Help for the Self-Employed

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) of the CARES Act addresses the need of self-employed individuals, independent contractors and gig-workers. The PUA gives special attention to those who under ordinary circumstances, run businesses that do not qualify for unemployment insurance benefit or the SMB loans extended by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

The PUA program also provides economic relief to those not formally employed by business entities and therefore not entitled to receive the usual employment benefits like paid sick leaves. Freelancers, gig-workers or independent contractors, whether hired on a full or part time basis, or under a long or short term contract, but unable to continue with their work engagement, because of personal illness or circumstances that prevent them from doing so, will be provided with unemployment benefits under the PUA system.


Granting of PUAs will be administered by the unemployment office of each state in accordance with the manner by which a state office provides the assistance. Actually, the CARES Act – PUA follows the federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA ) model as far as implementation methods are concerned. The good news is that the PUA of the CARES Act can still be awarded as supplementary financial assistance to the DUA relief extended by a state government.


What the PUA Offers as Economic Assistance During the COVID-19 Crisis

Self-employed workers and the likes, who qualify for economic aid under the PUA program stand to receive 39 weeks of unemployment benefits. A minimum benefit will be calculated in accordance with the federal government’s DUA program under the Stafford Act, which is set to equal 50 percent of the average unemployment insurance benefit granted by a state on a weekly basis; estimated at roughly $190.00.

This is notwithstanding the fact an additional $600 per week may be awarded to those whose circumstance merits entitlement to the supplementary financial aid.

Basic Eligibility Requirements of the PUA CARES Act Package

The CARES Act back-dated the period of the program to January 27, 2020 in order to qualify those who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, even before their source of livelihood were given orders to close or cancel. The PUA program though, is set to expire by December 31, 2020.

As a basic requirement, PUA applicants must self-certify that they are unemployed, whether partially or fully; or state in their application the reasons that prevent them from engaging in freelance or contractual employment. Generally, PUA eligibility requirements are founded on the premise that the applicant is unable to obtain freelance work, carry out work contracts or engage in gigs, mainly a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the aftermath of the health crisis and despite the unemployment benefits, many self-employed individuals will likely face insolvency; especially those who were not prepared for an unemployment circumstance. The state of California for one is a major contributor to the country’s economy, whilst having the greatest number of workers forming part of the entire U.S. labor force.

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The Cannabis Stocks Businesses

The cannabis industry is not the primary thing that comes to your mind when you think of getting stocks. Further, those who are in the business and monitor its trend may say that the industry’s status is fluctuating and are getting worse. It is also note-taking that there are companies who struggle much with the financing aspect of the industry as learning the basic accounting is important.

According to professionals of Wall Street, investors must be reminded that even if the industry is facing great challenges, hidden treasures are waiting to be revealed which has the capability to deliver excellent returns.

Knowing this, there are game players within the industry that show compelling plays. They all have the right to be proud of their potential for the market’s share price. Let’s check them out.

Big Names on Cannabis Stocks

Here are marijuana companies soaring high in the weed industry.

Cresco Labs


Cresco Labs caters a diverse portfolio of brands complying a wide range of various needs. It has become interested in 11 states and about 21 dispensaries. These are in addition to their operations of cultivating and manufacturing.

To give respect to the federal state of Illinois, Cresco runs the business with license in various cultivation facilities and manufacturing plants compared to other cannabis businesses. Moreover, Cresco have the ability to expand its business. This is all in credits of a new financing firm that gives an initial amount of as high as $100 million and can increase the loan as an option.

Green Thumb Industries


This company became popular because of its goal of developing cannabis items for medical and legal use. The company self-declared that they are cannabis provider which are truly credible and experienced. In addition, Green Thumb also has a compelling potential in case cannabis is legalized on a wider coverage in which it will highly take place.

GW Pharmaceuticals


GWPH is a company in the biopharma sector that has been part of the market and lead in cannabinoid therapeutics. Its popular product is the Epidiolex therapy that has already approved by the Food and Drug Administration as treatment for seizures associated diseases like Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet Syndrome. This was very remarkable for the cannabis industry as it was the first ever approved cannabis-based treatment from FDA. Moreover, the primary driver for GWPH will be the sales growth of Epidiolex. Yet, the probability of GWPH to rise on the cannabis stocks would fall at around 80% due to the average price target of $192.40.

What Is Corporate Finance

With successful start-ups, the customer base grows and new products complement the offer. With increasing sales, the capital required to hire new employees or move into larger business premises increases. Established companies also need fresh capital to expand. To this end, the companies have various financial means at their disposal to increase liquidity and to finance the expansion.

What is Corporate Finance?

Equity and debt for corporate finance

Companies can use their own or third-party capital for financing. The shareholders provide equity through their deposits. Bank balances, real estate, and securities are also part of the company’s own financial resources.

If a company uses debt to finance sales, it can be internal or external. In the case of internal financing, the management reinvests profits or creates provisions. The external financing is done by bank loans and other investments by third parties that the company with interest back pay the must. There are also special forms that represent a mixture of equity and debt. These special forms include leasing, factoring and forfeiting.

Types of corporate finance

These financial instruments are used by companies to increase liquidity :

  • Bank loan
  • leasing
  • Factoring
  • Guarantees
  • Equity capital
  • Promotional loan
  • Corporate bonds and promissory note loans
  • Crowdfunding

High demands on a bank loan

The most common form of corporate finance is the bank credit. When applying, however, more and more companies find that the requirements of credit institutions for borrowers have increased. This is mainly due to the rules according to Basel III. This means Europe-wide regulations of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which were adopted by credit institutions to improve the equity ratio. Higher equity should enable banks to bear losses themselves and not use public funds in the event of a financial crisis.

Basel III has a direct impact on corporate lending. The regulations force banks not to lend too much and to check borrowers more closely. The review of the loan application by the bank, therefore, takes longer and commercial borrowers have to meet increased requirements. The credit institution checks the company’s creditworthiness, equity ratio, sales, and tax payments. To do this, numerous documents must be submitted and negotiations on the bank loan can take several weeks. Therefore, financing through a bank is generally not suitable for short-term corporate financing.

Should You take a Lawsuit Loan?

Say you have filed for a personal injury lawsuit and in urgent need of money, then you may be planning to apply for lawsuit loans over at While such company is respected and trusted, it is still wise if you would allot time in doing research. As much as possible, you must fully understand the cost entails in the loan to negotiate with best terms.

What Exactly is a Lawsuit Loan?

Using a lawsuit loan, you’ll be able to borrow cash against the settlement or the judgment you are expecting to obtain from a lawsuit. These are widely used among plaintiffs or victims of personal injury cases who have lost their income or have incurred significant medical and hospital bills as a result of injury. Plaintiffs are typically seeking lawsuit loan in an effort to cover expenses such:

  • Day-to-day expenses
  • Mortgage payments
  • Medical bills
  • Car loans

Is it Your only Option?

While lawsuit loans can supply you with the finances you need, taking such can be expensive. As you pay your lender from the proceeds of judgment or settlement, you must pay back the principal amount you’ve borrowed along with the interest or funding fee. And mind you, this could be doubled or tripled the amount of what you have initially borrowed from the lender.

Loan Revolves around Your Case

It isn’t uncommon for personal injury cases to conclude after months or years. The rates of interest therefore for lawsuit loan may take you between 27 to 60 percent annually. So if you take 25,000 dollars loan, the interest alone may run you for around 12,500 dollars or even more in a year. Due to the reason that the interest is compounding every month, you may likely pay the lender somewhere around 32,000 dollars if your case takes 24-months to settle.

Yes it is true that it may be expensive, but if you are looking for immediate money, this can be a real savior.

How can You Qualify for such a Loan?

Since lending companies are taking huge risks, it would not be paid back if you have lost the case or settled for less than what is expected, it’ll just lend applicants if it feels confident that you’ll win or settle the case for a huge amount.

What are franchise systems?

Definition: Franchise systems are networks of independent entrepreneurs who practice the same business model and operate under the same brand. The initiator of a franchise system is the franchisor, who contractually obliges his franchisees to use his brand and implement his business model.

The brand and business model are the intellectual property of the franchisor. In exchange for the payment of fees, his franchisees acquire a temporary right of use.

The franchisor can expand geographically via the franchise system, provided that his business model proves to be economically successful. In this case, his franchisees also bear a reduced economic and financial risk, since they, as legally independent entrepreneurs, adopt an already proven business idea and benefit from diverse synergies and experience in the network.

Six Ways To Finance A Start-Up Business

Need financing? You can often go to the bank for this but they won’t offer instant loans. Nonetheless, there are also other options. In this list, you will find six options to find the money for your company.

9 Startup Funding Options – Business Loans + More

1. Private investors

Private investors (Informal investors) want to invest part of their equity in a starting company. In the business world, they are sometimes called business angels. They are often former entrepreneurs who, in addition to capital (money), also bring knowledge and expertise.

Keep in mind that many informal investors like to remain intensively involved in the business process even after the start.

You often convince a potential investor with a short pitch. So you have to prepare very well for such an exciting sales conversation. Read all about the questions that an investor will ask you.

2. Bank financing

Most entrepreneurs still allow themselves to be financed by the bank. To be eligible for this, in most cases you must first write a good business plan . In this plan you show that you have a promising idea in the current market.

3. Guarantee credit

Suppose you have been active as an entrepreneur for less than three years and you need a business loan (money). At the moment you cannot offer banks enough security when it comes to collateral. The bank, therefore, runs an additional risk.

Then the bank with which you have applied for financing can make use of a special government scheme: a guaranteed credit. The government then takes over part of the risk. Do you want to know more? This Rabo page offers you access to more information.

4. Family and acquaintances

Calling on starting capital with parents, friends and other acquaintances? Some entrepreneurs are a bit hesitant about this. But if you make clear agreements between themselves, your environment can certainly be a good step towards a successful start to your business.

Borrow from family and acquaintances without a fight. Preferably record agreements on, for example, specific repayment terms, amounts and interest payments in a legal contract. In addition, seek financial or legal advice on time.

5. Financial lease

It is not always easy for starting entrepreneurs to buy machines, equipment or means of transport. A financial lease is increasingly being used by starting entrepreneurs and self-employed people without employees. Moreover, the assets are just yours, and that again offers tax benefits.

6. Microfinance

Microfinancing can offer a solution if you have a limited financing requirement as an entrepreneur. This is also referred to as an SME loan. A duration of one to a maximum of ten years applies to this. Do you want to use the money to buy a shop or office space? In that case, the term is a maximum of 20 years and there is a mortgage loan available too

Financing a start-up business can be a challenge but with little research, you can find the right loan that will help your business from the ground up.