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Should You take a Lawsuit Loan?

Say you have filed for a personal injury lawsuit and in urgent need of money, then you may be planning to apply for lawsuit loans over at While such company is respected and trusted, it is still wise if you would allot time in doing research. As much as possible, you must fully understand […]

Six Ways To Finance A Start-Up Business

Need financing? You can often go to the bank for this but they won’t offer instant loans. Nonetheless, there are also other options. In this list, you will find six options to find the money for your company. 9 Startup Funding Options – Business Loans + More 1. Private investors Private investors (Informal investors) want […]

Financials From Revenue To Profit To Free Cash Flow

Investors expect firms they invest in to build something significant and to take it to exit. Exit, in this sense, means realizing the increased value in the invested equity of the company in a liquid form, like cash or other cash equivalents (public stock that can be freely sold). It is this future value—along with […]

Financial Literacy For Entrepreneurs

Riskier technology start-ups need to generate a minimum ten times return on invested capital in no longer than ten years to be considered suitable investments. In fact, ten years is the outside limit for returns that would be tolerated, since many professional funds only fund their management fees for ten years. A ten times return […]


One of the first filters that investors apply when looking at a company is whether the offering is a feature, product, or business. Features don’t make a product and can be copied easily. Similarly, investors understand that a product doesn’t make a business. Attractive businesses have a slew of products, and a road map for […]


The success of any company is ultimately determined by its ability to attract customers for its products/services. Your funding presentation must therefore include information on target market segments and why customers in those identified markets will be attracted to your value proposition. The less theoretical and speculative you can be, the better. Most investors are […]

Knowledge Base

The venture capital industry has dramatically influenced the manner in which all investors invest. Even though relatively few firms receive VC funds, the investment process—no matter who the investor is—is guided by the same general principles, terms, and conditions that have been developed by VCs. As an entrepreneur, you must understand at least the basic […]


The original idea for mobile marketing was to have an app because it gave you the ability to reach someone 24/7, with relevant messages to drive engagement. This is a great idea and works for many companies, but for many others, an app strategy is not a good idea. It’s very hard to work your […]