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CONNECT Success Story
"It was an excellent cultural experience to be in Brazil. I had opportunity to visit some impact hubs that give technical assistance to entrepreneurs. Amazing! Thank you!"
- Ana Filipovska
New Entrepeneur
Ana Filipovska
Sector of activity: 
Catering services
Business description: 
This project aims to develop and put into operation a enterprise providing catering services, which will meet some of the key needs of people living with HIV and their families and will also provide partial sustainability of basic activities for supporting the Association STRONGER TOGETHER. In addition, the project aims to contribute to the reintegration of long-term unemployed people in the labour market.
Host Entrepeneur
Steffan Nath
City, State: 
Novo Hamburgo - RS
Sector of activity: 
Social Marketing
Business description: 
Programs of STD/AIDS prevention, strategic consulting services and technical training for professionals in matters relating to public health.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Ana Filipovska
"It was a great experience meeting with other entrepreneurs in Brazil because this networks are very important for sharing knowledge. It was an incredible experience to be part of the team of evb - Equipe Voluntaria Brazil, a condom social marketing organization based in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul. I had opportunity to meet DKT International executive director in Brazil. DKT is an innovative adventures social marketing enterprise that improves people's lives. DKT focuses on building strong social enterprises that become self-sustaining or include some form of cross-subsidization. I learned how to maximize income from those able to pay, yet to keep prices low for poor consumers. Such activities provides revenue streams, which can be re-invested in HIV preventive programs that lack donor funds."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Steffan Nath
"Receiving Ana Filipovska at our organization was a very enriching experience. We exchanged experiences, learnt a lot about cultural differences, and shared our knowledge built on the projects we are engaged in. We hope to have contributed positively to Ana's new projects."