David Argumosa (SPAIN) - Skycar

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CONNECT Success Story
"Thanks to the experience gained throught the CONNECT programme I was one of the 50 entrepreneurs around the world selected to join the MITx Bootcamp 2015."
- David Argumosa
New Entrepeneur
David Argumosa
Sector of activity: 
IT and Transport
Business description: 
A mobile application for car owners that allows them to travel in a more efficient and security way. A real-time vehicle traffic application will be developed. To do that, satellite thermal images will be analyzed. Each image will be studied by a CPU using an image algorithm and so, vehicles will be represented on city maps by coloured dots. There are many applications of this analysis, such as patenting smart traffic lights, informing of available parking spots, tracking of possible stolen vehicles and avoiding car accidents. Nowadays, more applications are being developed in the 'Smart City' area, but all of them are based on city sensors. This system improves these current methods, reduces costs and provides data in areas with any sensor. Customers will only include people who own a smart phone and use their vehicle daily.
Host Entrepeneur
Douglas Vieira
City, State: 
Belo Horizonte - MG
Sector of activity: 
Information Technology and Services
Business description: 
ENACOM is a high technology engineering company which sells R&D to third parties. Our second company, ENAPARK, develops APPs related to mobility issues.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by David Argumosa
"Mr. Douglas helped me a lot to develop my business plans from a critic point of view. He and his team gave really value pieces of advice, mainly on how to approach the market. I learnt how important it is to put a product on the market and get a feedback... Thanks to the experience gained throught the CONNECT programme I was one of the 50 entrepreneurs around the world selected for the MIT to join the MITx Bootcamp 2015 after passing a really hard selection process with an acceptance rate of 0.08%. It was a great oportunity to get to know how a startup works and how the brazilian market behaves. It is really usefull getting to know an international market."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Douglas Vieira
"The program was agile in the decisions and efficient in the match making. Even though David has a deep knowledge in the start-up culture through reading and competition participation, he needed to get a more daily basis experience. Based on his own observation and discussions with our staff he could improve his senses on leadership, resources managing, conflict management, and societal structure. Moreover, he had the opportunity to discuss some technical aspects which is shared between our and his business model. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to see the challenges of running a small, but consolidated company, and its particular aspects, which differentiate from running a new-born company."