Raido Aasoja (ESTONIA) - Responso

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CONNECT Success Story
"CONNECT was the best experience of my life."
- Raido Aasoja
New Entrepeneur
Raido Aasoja
Sector of activity: 
Information/Customer service
Business description: 
Responso provides complete solution for service companies to gather and analyze location based customer feedback systematically. Gathering customer feedback is crucial for companies’ success. Currently lots of companies don't have centralized way of gathering and analyzing customer feedback and lots still use paper based forms. For people, it's also time consuming to fill the forms. Responso solves that by offering predefined questionnaires (industry specific) for companies to use in feedback collection campaign. Predefined questionnaires allow us to measure and differentiate industry quality score (we can compare specific restaurant to industry average). Companies will get analyzed feedback results in real time. They can also set up alerts for negative feedback. People can give feedback with smart phone, by using Near Field Communication (NFC), QR-codes or short web address.
Host Entrepeneur
Juliana Saldanha
City, State: 
Belo Horizonte - MG
Sector of activity: 
Start-up accelerator
Juliana Saldanha
Business description: 
Companies and high-impact businesses accelerator in Belo Horizonte. It is one of the 12 accelerators certified by the Start-up Brazil programme and members of ABRAII.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Raido Aasoja
"CONNECT was awesome! It was the best experience of my life. CONNECT gave the possibility to test my business idea in Brazil and gave really good opportunity to learn from experienced people and to get to know new market. For a humble Estonian, living in Brazil was very positive. Most of the time was spent talking with potential customers and building the product. Moving to Brazil and organizing things there was made very easy by my host entrepreneur. Since our business is young, it would help to speed up the growth and be beneficial for both countries. The idea of long-term partnership is fascinating and opens up possibilities for wide range of knowledge/service exchange."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Juliana Saldanha
"Raido is an entrepreneur by nature. Curious, willing to learn, collaborate and meet new people and stories. Since his arrival, he sought to adapt to the city and to our culture, so different from Estonia, his country of origin. Through CONNECT the new entrepreneur had the opportunity to validate the solution proposed by his start-up, Responso, with some customers in Belo Horizonte. He had the opportunity to listen experienced entrepreneurs and participate in some of the Techmall activities, our accelerator for startups. The language barrier made it difficult to meet more customers for his product."