Karolina Howorko (FRANCE) - Metaphorms

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CONNECT Success Story
"If I could do it again, I definitely would!"
- Karolina Howorko
New Entrepeneur
Karolina Howorko
Sector of activity: 
Business description: 
Metaphorms focus on 3D printed jewellery with recycled and traditional materials. The company aims to propose new 3D printed jewellery company that creates trend-led & customizable jewellery designed by designer and that could be in the future personalized for the customer.
Host Entrepeneur
Heloisa Neves
City, State: 
São Paulo - SP
Sector of activity: 
Business description: 
WE FAB helps companies and entrepreneurs to go from idea to prototype on an agile, collaborative and hands-on way; designing innovative products // assisting directly connecting to other innovation laboratories or world by research institutions all over the world; to develop a maker culture in innovation environments; to implement a lab (whether Fab Lab | MAKER | Lab, Makerspace or anything on wheels); to facilitate innovation workshops (in our own | MAKER | Lab and "in company"); and to connect the maker himself to innovation laboratories and renowned research institutions.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Karolina Howorko
"Brazil is a country of a lot of possibilities and I was pleasantly surprised by its diversity. The opportunity to work there for my own company was invaluable. If I could do it again, I definitely would! CONNECT opened new horizons for me, pushed me to explore new possibilities for my business and connected me with a successful host. I learned a lot and developed new ideas linked with my current design investigations. But, above all, CONNECT has been a very valuable lesson on entrepreneurship, which is something that is hard to learn through courses and books. Instead, this live example showed me how a company can grow and prosper through innovation and collaboration between diverse design disciplines."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Heloisa Neves
"Receiving Karolina at We Fab was an incredible experience. At We Fab we like to work with different views for the same problem. And this really happened because she brought us a fresh vision to our projects, helping us to find really creative ways in some cases. I also loved to see what she was developing and hope to have contributed to her project."