André Azevedo (PORTUGAL) - HealthyRoad

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CONNECT Success Story
"The impact of this program and the results achieved are very good"
- André Azevedo
New Entrepeneur
André Azevedo
Sector of activity: 
Biometric analysis systems
Business description: 
HealthyRoad develops biometric analysis systems designed specifically for workers of the road transportation market in order to contribute for the reduction of the number of road accidents, through the drowsiness and fatigue detection and warning system.
Host Entrepeneur
Denis Clegys
City, State: 
Uberlândia - MG
Sector of activity: 
Business description: 
The company offers complete and integrated solutions for benefits, finance and fleet management. The services portfolio help to control and save internal resources and to improve performance and motivation of employees and partners.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by André Azevedo
"This program helped my startup to explore one target market without investing a large amount of money. The impact of this program and the results achieved are very good; during this period we made partnership with 2 Brazilian companies and probably in the next few days we will develop partnership with 3 more companies. Regarding the personal experience, staying 1 month in Brazil helped me to develop myself as a professional worker and as a person; I developed soft skills in order to generate business opportunities, such as meetings, participation in international fairs, business dinners, etc. Moreover, it was an opportunity to live in a dangerous country that is actually not so dangerous and to develop soft skills related with the culture, way of living, travel, etc."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Denis Clegys
"Our expectations were completely fulfilled and surely that in the next few months HealthyRoad will be one of our partners. The CONNECT program is great to develop new partnerships, generate new ideas and share some information about the markets with foreigner entrepreneurs."