Anastasia Charitou (CYPRUS) - Carabu

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CONNECT Success Story
"The best was the interaction with customers and co-workers. And the warmth of people here. I am already selling my products in Brazil!"
- Anastasia Charitou
New Entrepeneur
Anastasia Charitou
Sector of activity: 
Business description: 
Inspiring people to care about their health and creating the snacks to help them keep up with a busy lifestyle, so they can enjoy great health and high energy levels.
Host Entrepeneur
Danilo da Silva
City, State: 
Sector of activity: 
Production of frozen food
Business description: 
The company produces ready and semi-ready frozen foods/snacks and also frozen meals.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Anastasia Charitou
"Although the original goal was only to exchange experiences and ideas, in the end we ended up launching products together in the local market. All in all, it was a great experience, and we have set up a joint venture, so it has been very successful! It has been an amazing opportunity to do this in Brazil."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Danilo da Silva
"CONNECT program was a pleasant surprise for me and our company. We received Anastasia with an expectation of exchange of experiences for personal and professional growth on both sides. More than that, we will be continuing what we started with the CONNECT through a partnership for the production and marketing of products she has developed in Europe. We focused our work in a viability test for the ideas she had, we launched prototypes with speed and adapt the offers according to the needs we assessed through observations of the Brazilian consumers behavior."