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CONNECT Success Story
"My CONNECT experience in Brazil was extraordinary. It overcame my expectations and made me highly satisfied. The programme is simply amazing. I received all required information before, during and after the project. I am very impressed of how it is prepared."
- Oleh Myslinskyy
New Entrepeneur
Oleh Myslinskyy
Sector of activity: 
Business description: 
Education Help provides the required services for any student who wants to realize successful studies migration to Czech Republic. Education Help encourage, inspire and empower students to communicate with confidence and maintain the highest level of excellence in a value-integrating, friendly and caring learning environment.
Host Entrepeneur
Nelson Massaro
City, State: 
Sector of activity: 
Tourism/Intercultural Education
Business description: 
The purpose of World Study is to analyze the profile of the students and guide about the best exchange program according to their motivations and objectives in order to enhance intercultural experience preparing students so they not suffer a culture shock and adapt as quickly as possible, increasing their learning.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Oleh Myslinskyy
"The CONNECT experience was amazing! Due to the CONNECT project, I have realized the effective market expansion to Brazil. I have also learned much about the Brazilian culture and got amazed by its beauty. Because of that I've deeply understood my customers and got the main points that should be changed in my services. My host entrepreneur was closely cooperating with me and provided me high informational support. With this cooperation I have learned valuable information about the local market and tailored the product to fit the local needs. Based on it, I have accelerated my expansion, gained tremendous opportunities and reached a great cooperation with World Study Moema. Thank you CONNECT!"
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Nelson Massaro
"Being part of the CONNECT experience was amazing. We could learn a lot with our new entrepreneur even if the initial idea was just to mentor him. Everybody in the company could practice their English and learn few words in other languages, and we also had the opportunity to learn about his culture and life experiences that were very different from ours. That showed that even "young" people can have experience and be already able to accomplish great things in life. Taking part in the CONNECT program was a really eye opening experience for everybody."