Silvia Muletti (ITALY) - Creta

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CONNECT Success Story
"My stay abroad helped me understanding the relevant challenges of managing a social business."
- Silvia Muletti
New Entrepeneur
Silvia Muletti
Sector of activity: 
Business description: 
My business will be called 'Creta' offering a consulting service aimed at fostering people’s involvement in local authority decisions concerning use of public space. After Connect my idea developed towards an involvement of local / European / Brazilian artists and social enterprise.
Host Entrepeneur
André Lira
City, State: 
Sector of activity: 
Business description: 
Provision of services in the areas of culture and creativity focused on enabling innovative solutions that generate impact on local development of cities/regions, based on events and local cultural heritage, cultural tourism, education, public policy, copyright and intellectual property. Services provided: advisory, consulting and training; management and execution of projects; organization of events; planning and implementation of educational programs.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Silvia Muletti
"CONNECT is an exchange of ideas, cultures, values, lives. My idea of business improved not only in management quality but also in added social values of fostering artists' participation in local issues, methodologies of gathering ideas and artistic techniques of collaboration. Now I can highlight that investing in alternative economic models, social and creative entrepreneurship is a necessary revolution to generate positive outcomes for people and the environment. I got on really well with my host entrepreneur, thus the work was enjoyable. I had the chance to get part in interesting local experiments on participatory democracy and artist involvement for social entrepreneurship and local policies, values that we both share."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by André Lira
"Receiving Silvia Muletti in Recife for the exchange, since the beginning of the contact when she was still in Europe, proved to be an interesting and productive process. Silvia is a focused, objective and secure person, which made our relationship very practical and dynamic. We managed, throughout her stay in Brazil, to perform various activities that contributed to the maturing of her enterprise and to increase my reflection on what I have been doing. After this exchange we are both more certain and secure about our projects. The exchange of experiences, the conversations about differences in cultural contexts, among other aspects have allowed us to expand our view of our business."