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CONNECT Success Story
"The hosting organization was amazing in connecting me with the cultural and entrepreneurial initiatives in Brazil."
- Alina Alexandra Blaga
New Entrepeneur
Alina Alexandra Blaga
Sector of activity: 
Creative Industries
Business description: is a platform dedicated exclusively to upcycled products and services. It brings together a community of artists able to offer tailor made products and services according to the needs and wishes of the consumers, all based on recycled materials.
Host Entrepeneur
Paula Brandão
City, State: 
Sector of activity: 
Culture economics
Business description: 
Baluarte Cultura conducts its activities through 3 companies: Baluarte Consultoria, Baluarte Projetos and Baluarte Educação. Baluarte Consultoria works with companies, providing services that aim to develop platforms to foster cultural incentive (sponsorship strategy, advice on use of incentive laws, sponsorship management). Baluarte Project envisions and implements projects in various languages ​​and platforms. Baluarte Education promotes activities for training professionals to work in the cultural market.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Alina Alexandra Blaga
"The experience in Brazil was both an amazing professional experience trough the network of companies and initiatives that I interacted with and a life time experience that allowed me to make friends across oceans and to feel the culture and nature of a beautiful country. I strongly believe that Europe should build more relational bridges with Brazil, and I will try to use the existing programs to create partnerships and to think of projects together with businesses, NGOs or initiatives from here."
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Paula Brandão
"The opportunity to receive a start-up from Romania has brought many good experiences. We could exchange expertise on the creative market, experience Alina's business facets through workshops and it was a motivation to establish new connections with other businesses in Rio de Janeiro. We ended this experience with ideas for collaborative projects and with the expectation of co-achievements."