Matteo Giacalone (ITALY) - LAQY

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CONNECT Success Story
"It was a unique experience. It was an interesting program and the host entrepreneur was amazing. Thank you!"
- Matteo Giacalone
New Entrepeneur
Matteo Giacalone
Sector of activity: 
Air Quality Monitoring
Business description: 
LAQY aims to improve wellness and life quality by mitigating or eliminating indoor air pollution, i.e. the presence of volatile pollutants in confined environments, such as houses, offices, hospitals and schools. Indoor air pollution has been indicated to be responsible for several diseases, including allergies and migraines. LAQY is able to monitor those pollutants, increasing people's awareness for health and pollution-related issues. In addition, our service provides an eco-friendly, sustainable solution: an algorithm matches the pollution data with a scientific database of plants able to purify environments (the so-called herbal purification process) and suggests the right plant to put in the environment to get it clean.
Host Entrepeneur
Henrique Pereira
City, State: 
Sector of activity: 
Low carbon economy
Business description: 
WayCarbon is a technology base company that aims to drive the transition to a low carbon economy through innovation.
NE: My CONNECT experience in Brazil
by Matteo Giacalone
"When I enrolled in Connect, I was looking for a unique experience after my PhD. Actually I can confirm that everything went wonderfully well. In WayCarbon I found a stimulating working environment, with a horizontal structure that allows everyone to work with a great spirit of cooperation. My business LAQY has found fertile ground for its expansion and a new project has been laid out for my return to Brazil. I cannot wait to return. Muito obrigado a todos!"
HE: My collaboration with a European entrepreneur
by Henrique Pereira
"CONNECT was precise in the match making, as if they run an algorithm that maximizes your experience as an entrepreneur. In a very short timeframe an Italian, who I had never heard of, arrived at my office to provide us three month of intensive interaction and experience exchange. In spite of the short time, we managed to successfully put together a project proposal to a Brazilian client that we hope will be the first of many cooperations between our companies. Matteo was great and I am sure this was just the first of many projects we will do together. Thanks CONNECT, our door will always be open!"